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Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

In 2014 the Israeli government had decided to promote the issue of equality and accessibility by declaring a benefit for operating wheelchair accessible taxis. In essence, the government has created a substantial financial incentive for taxi operators to have wheelchair accessible taxis. The government also defined specific standards that every wheelchair accessible taxi needs to meet.

At Hydrofix we offer the widest range of products and solutions specifically designed for commercial use, offering high work load capability and unprecedented reliability, safety and flexibility. We offer solutions to any type of taxi from small size vans like Citroen Berlingo, to full size vans like Mercedes Sprinter.

We will help you maximize your abilities by installing smart flexible seating arrangements.

Hydrofix is ISO 9001 certified and is a Department of Transportation certified manufacturer. This allows us to issue you with a certificate stating your vehicle meats the Israeli standard for accessible taxis and will allow you to register your taxi as such.

Let our Hydrofix experts advise you on how to perfectly adapt your taxi to your requirements.

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