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Guidance and Assistance

We understand how daunting the process of acquiring and modifying your vehicle may seem. You struggle with all the different forms, evaluations and bureaucratic procedures and you feel lost in the system. We have seen many cases where people were not able to receive all the benefits they were entitled to due to lake of experience and knowledge.


We at Hydrofix believe getting your car and achieving this step towards true independence should be a positive, fulfilling and impowering experience.

Our vast experience and knowledge allow us to assign to you, a personal representative that will tend to your specific needs and guide you every step of the way, insuring you enjoy all the benefits you are entitled to. We put you in the center, making sure that in the end you get the car you need.

Our service extends beyond these first steps and continues through the personal modification and adaptation of your car, guidance on how to safely enjoy all the systems installed on your car and service and support 24/7 until you return to us for your next car.


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