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Personal Customization

Adapting and modifying your car is not like buying an off the shelf product. A car that was adapted to one person will not necessarily suit another person. The adaptation requires personal customizations to your specific wheelchair, specific driving aids and even the location of every switch and knob so they are at your fingertips. It is this personal customization that allows our clients to drive with peace of mind, confidence and safety.

At Hydrofix we believe that successful personal customization comes from personal familiarity between you and our technical staff. It is this familiarity that is key for the best and most accurate adaptation of your car to your abilities.

Before we start working on your car you will be invited to meet our technical staff. At this meeting we will get to know you and your specific needs and abilities. We tailor fit everything around your requirements.

Our wide range of top of the line products and solution, along with our vast experience and unique knowledge allow us to offer any person a specific, accurate and whole solution, tailor made to his or her needs.

Before we let you drive off with your new car, one of our technical staff members will take you on a test drive, making sure that all systems in the car are calibrated for achieving maximum comfort and safety and that you are comfortable and confident with driving your new car.

Our service extends beyond delivery of your car, we offer 24/7 support until you return to us for your next car. It is our staff’s familiarity with you and our welcoming and worm nature that brings our clients back to us and makes up the Hydrofix family that includes thousands of satisfied clients.

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