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Wheelchair Accessible Passenger Transportation Vehicles

Hydrofix adapts passenger transportation vehicles for wheelchair accessibility. We provide our services for various organizations such as private transportation companies, medical organizations, taxi companies, government organizations, nonprofit organizations etc. We offer a wide range of solution suited to various types of vehicles from full size vans such as, Mercedes Sprinter or Chevrolets Savana, Midsize vans such as, Mercedes Vito or VW transporter, to small size vans such as, VW Caddy or Citroen Berlingo.

We at Hydrofix put great emphasis on your needs and offer flexible solutions to allow for maximum seating arrangement and interior space. Our solutions include folding seats and benches and a variety of ramps and lifts that take up as little interior space as possible, if at all.

Our wide product range includes the most reliable and safe solutions including unique automatic self-retracting wheelchair tiedowns allowing for the easiest most flexible and safest way for wheelchair securement.

We offer a whole solution including flooring, flexible seating arrangement, seatbelts, electric or permanent side steps, electric side door, safety driving systems such Mobileye, multimedia systems, etc.

Hydrofix is ISO 9001 certified, is a Department of Transportation certified manufacturer and holds to the highest standards in the industry.

Our vast experience, knowledge and product range allow us to provide you with the ultimate solution to your needs.

If you are looking for quality, reliability, safety and service, you are looking for Hydrofix.


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